Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jayasuriya blitz leads Sri Lanka to a easy win over India in CB Series

Sri Lanka’s eight-wicket win over India in the Commonwealth Bank Triangular One-day Series here Tuesday is their biggest win by wickets over their opponents away from home, eclipsing their seven-wicket win in Goa in December 1990.

Sanath Jayasuriya, senior citizen in the Sri Lankan team, a man with a depleted pate and aching limbs, retains his quick eye. Sri Lanka were off to a start from which defeat was impossible. Jayasuriya continues to slash hard, the way he did in the 90s, and even mis-hits off his bat clear the ropes.

"It was a crucial game for us," Sri Lanka opener Sanath Jayasuriya told reporters.

"I thought the guys showed a lot of character today and fought really well.

"We managed to keep them to a decent score and the chase was well-calculated, so credit to the guys for the way they handled themselves today."

The Sri Lankans, transported from one island to another, have the beach-lover's blitheness--they are free spirits, colourful and raucous, spreading song and cheer all around. They blew on horns and whistles, beat drums and whistled. Even as the match shifted decisively towards the Lankans, the banter in the stands was good-natured, even though beer had flowed freely and the Indians were a bit upset with the way things were going.

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