Saturday, August 16, 2008

'Criticisms give me courage to do well' : Sanath Jayasuriya

Colombo: He pulverised the Indian attack at the Asia Cup in Pakistan. At 39 Sanath Jayasuriya still has not decided to hang up his boots and ahead of the One-Day series at home against India he spoke exclusively to CNN-IBN's Himanshu Singhal. Sanath Jayasuriya: I haven't decided when to retire but it depends on how are you going at the moment. Right now I am doing all right but I haven't set a particular time. I will see how it goes tour by tour. CNN-IBN: What keeps you inspired as far as your playing career is concerned right now, as you have achieved almost everything? Sanath Jayasuriya: I think everyday you need to achieve something in your international career. I think representing your country is the most important thing and to do well at that stage. But sometimes you do well, sometimes you don't, sometimes you are out of the team. Then you motivate yourself to come back into the team and perform and show what you can do. So, at the moment I am determined to do well. CNN-IBN: One important lesson that you have learnt or the things that you want to implement now or perhaps improve upon now? Sanath Jayasuriya: Every time you need to improve something. When you come to this stage and sometimes when you are not doing well people start talking about your age and all sorts of things. So, I think these things give you the courage to do well. CNN-IBN: Do you think it is high time that the ICC should perhaps think about implementing the umpires' referral system in the ODIs as well. What is your opinion as a player? Sanath Jayasuriya: At the moment, I am not able to comment on these things because in the Test series we tried a few things - sometimes it helps but sometimes some technical things need to get into these things correctly. So, I think it is 50-50 at the moment. Anyway, we will have to try things out. CNN-IBN: Mahendra Singh Dhoni wasn't here for the Test series but he would be leading the Indian ODI team, do you think his presence is going to make a big difference to the way India compete against Sri Lanka now in the One-Day series? Sanath Jayasuriya: Dhoni is a key player for the India team and I think would have missed him in the Test series very badly, since they didn't have a proper keeper and also in the batting department as well as his experience.

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