Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jayasuriya Into Politics? Why or Why?

Perhaps reality is sinking into him and is thinking about life after cricket. Perhaps he is misled by some folks or maybe he has genuine intent to help the people of Matara. What ever it is, I think it’s a terrible choice. Politics in Sri Lanka is not for gentlemen no matter which party you decide to hang out with. This immensely talented man has seen a sharp decline in the last year or so. Even though I want him to go forever, I think reality is catching up with all of us. So perhaps we can’t blame him for looking for a life after cricket.

I think his IPL contract is expiring after this season, which probably will not be renewed. As far as I know he was not recalled by the Nashua Dolphins for another season and he has found work in lesser leagues in Singapore etc. Kind of reminds me of the Wrestler movie. I thought he had one last hurrah left in him for the world cup, but if the last few internationals are any indication, then there isn’t much hope left.

As any loyal fan, my hopes went up when he got back into form in the inter provincial match against the combined X1, but since has not had much luck with the bat. I hope the spell he bowled against the Kandurata team will keep his chances alive as an all rounder. It remains to be seen what the selectors think when the time comes for the T20 World Cup. Perhaps he may come back to form during the IPL. His reflexes may have slowed down a bit, but I think the man still has the luck and the magic.

Either the way I wish him luck. Maybe he might be able to make a difference to his home town. But I think deep inside, he himself wants people to remember him as the swashbuckling batsmen that helped us win the world cup, rather than Sanath the politician. I hope he protects that legacy.

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