Friday, May 07, 2010

Sanath singled out for humiliation?

With the Sri Lankan cricketers losing to New Zealand and then having to thank batting star Mahela Jayawardena, the rain in Guyana and Duckworth and Lewis for their victory against Zimbabwe it is time to ask questions.

From what every cricket fan can see everything does not seem to be tickety boo with the squad in the Caribbean.

Why this has to be so is inexplicable. One can’t understand the stepmotherly treatment meted out to Sri Lanka’s cricketing elder statesman Sanath Jayasuriya.

In the game against the Kiwis he was sent at the fall of the fifth wicket and then against Zimbabwe he was slotted in at number eight.

Now this is inexplicable considering that he was going to be a vital cog in the team’s attempt to win the ICC Twenty20 this time round after having been runners up in the previous tournament in England.

According to cricket fans it is apparent that Jayasuriya has been singled out for humiliation and ridicule. Cricket fans base this argument on the fact that the master blaster has been in pads, looking to come in to bat early, but having to cool his heels as wickets continue to fall and he is pushed back as far as possible in the batting order.

It must be hurting inside although the great man who has done wonders for the game and country continues to suffer in silence, though not making it public. What wrong has he done to suffer this ignominy? Leading TV commentators doing their thing before and during the game were non plussed and were questioning as to why the Matara mauler is being held back and not being batted at the top.

One can’t also understand why the Lankans are going in with two right hand batsmen as openers. Need we tell them that if a right hand-left hand combination takes strike, the bowlers will be cursing as they will find it difficult to bowl line and length?

Jayasuriya’s slot is at the top and not in the middle order or the tail they, quite rightly say. The commentators know what they are talking about and they are spot on in their questioning.

Sri Lanka Cricket will do well, instead of watching the comedy that is being enacted in the Caribbean in silence, but question the authorities there as to what has prompted this comedy to be enacted in Calypso land.

Cricket fans are convinced that the team seems to be lacking in team spirit that is so very vital for a team to succeed.

They reckon that there is an ‘iron hand’ behind the comedy that is being enacted and they insist that this “iron hand” has to be manacled if the team is to do better than the lackadaisical manner in which they are playing at the moment.

It must be understood that how ever indispensable an individual or a player, he will be of absolutely no use if he thinks he is greater than the game and the team.

Those who matter at the scene of action must not remain deaf, dumb and blind to the ugly scenes that are taking place, but act without fear if the good name of the country is not to be sullied.

The ‘iron hand’ or the one attempting to be a tin pot dictator must be told that cricket is a team game and not a one man show.

If he is refusing to realize and accept this then the authorities there should not hesitate to fly him back in the earliest flight available.

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