Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jayasuriya does CNN, Jayasuriya style | by Damith S

Usually when Sri Lankans get on CNN its cuz some moronic LTTE fucker goes and blows himself up.

But yesterday we had our own BALLS OF STEEL, Sanath Jayasuriya, on CNN’s Talk Asia show.

We haven’t always been kind to the great man but we love him nonetheless. The interview was all you expect really, and being the kind man that I am I have given you a few snippets and highlights;

he was asked about how he got into cricket - “I just walked in for practices at school and soon realised I played a bit differently from others”. Coolness.

what do you love about cricket- “Batting, Just love to get out there and hit the ball over the top”. We love it too Sanath. He was the original Sehwag, no nonsense, no bullshit, pick up the bat, walk out and hit the lil fucker as hard and long as you can.

Here they cut to the 96 WC QF v Eng where he belts Defreitas on to the roof and clips the satellite dish.

We thought that was an especially nice touch from CNN.

And of course, what cricket interview would be complete without some actual cricket. Sanath dint bat, he bowled. Actually there was a small glitch. On his run up he got call on his cell.

“Mame TV show ekak karana gaman inne” (I’m doing a TV show right now). The irony about the fact that this little TV shindig was actually CNN made me and the Mrs laugh out loud. Or we Lol’d as they say.

Here is a man who takes CNN as seriously as he takes fast bowlers running up to him.

When he did bowl, he dint really try, when he did, he got the hopeless interviewing bloke, an Aussie (thought I’d add that in there), out bowled.

“You are good, but not good enough for internationals” said Sanath. You cheeky fucker, we were loving it.

He finished off the bit by telling a story about how his Mother got caught to the devastating Tsunami that struck us down in 2004.

I wont spoil it for you.

Go watch the thing here. Its quite brilliant.

Sanath CNN 1/3

Sanath CNN 2/3

Sanath CNN 3/3

With that we induct Sanath (the very first) to our new Hall of Fame ,

The HALL OF (Rock Solid) BALLS.

Sanath you are god.

- by Damith S ( )

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