Monday, December 15, 2008

Sanath Jayasuriya Autograph & Pics | By Africo

As Promised before, My friend africo from South Africa did manage to get me lots of Pics and the most precious one Autograph from Sanath Jayasuriya !!

MTN Domestic Championship

Match : Dolphins Vs Cobras

Venue : Newlands, Cape Town , South Africa

Date : 14 December 2008 (45-over match)

Result :
Dolphins won by 53 runs

As said by africo :


Here they are! Plenty of pics of Sanath Jayasuriya at Newlands on Sunday!

There is both good news and bad news:

The good news is... I did manage to get Sanath's autograph..

AND if u can't read it, it says:

"To Hilal + Sujan , Sanath Jayasuriya"

Sujan = sanath189.. thought you'd like it to be to u (so u can show your mates)

The bad news is that our seats were far away from Sanath - he fielded at mid-off virtually the whole game - so i had to zoom in and my camera is crappy. And we arrived a little bit late and couldn't get pics of Sanath batting as the Dolphins batted first and he didn't last too long. But still got pics of him bowling!

I waited almost an hour after the game by the Pavillion to get some close-up pics of Sanath but my battery had died - i went erratic taking pics of the Newands ground and sunset and wierd security guards.. don't ask..

For more on this :

CHEERS africo !!!!

- Sujan Rao (sanath189) :)


1 comment:

Hilal said...

Nice one Sujan!

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