Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sanath is an important player - Sangakkara

Maintaining that Jayasuriya was very much in the reckoning for the 2011 World Cup, Sangakkara said the team was waiting to see how he performs in his new role on this tour.

"Sanath has been wonderful he's always been positive accepting of the decisions made about him and supporting those ideas. We are going to wait and see how Sanath comes out from this tour. He's a very important player for us going towards the next World Cup," he added.

Sangakkara warned that no excuses like in the past about the food in India or conditions would be tolerated.

"Complaints are negative things and excuses. No matter what happens on field if you focus too much on negative things it's not good for anyone," he said.

Sangakkara said if Lanka were to become competitive away from home they need to toughen up mentally.

"Sometimes they are too pampered and spoilt to accept things not going our way. We have to change attitude. If you want to compete well anywhere in the world you need to become mentally tougher. This (tour) is a start," he said.

"If we can all play our cricket fair and hard and commit to give 100 per cent we don't need these complaints and excuses. We have to enjoy India as a country, enjoy the tour as individuals and as a team," he added.


One Touch said...

i cudn agree more with this, mentally tough people conqour conditions.Yes SL has to play wel in tough situations, also the whole 11 shud be match winners rather than one or two match winners.

riya manna said...
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