Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is it time for Sanath Jayasuriya to retire? | Have your say, Vote now

Do you thinks time has come for curtains ?

Is it time for the Master Blaster Sanath Jayasuriya to retire or do you think he still has it in him for Sri Lanka ?

Sanga taking a wrong step in ignoring the legendary batsman on the eve of his 20 yrs of international cricket ?

We would like to know whats your go on this..

Vote and comment here :

POLL -  Is it time for Sanath Jayasuriya to retire ? ( ISLAND CRICKET POLL)


mubahassan said...

I think its sunset for sana! undoubtedly he is the masterblaster and legend of all time Sri Lankan cricket. yet, its time to retire before he is disgraced by some opportunists. he can still contribute a lot to Sri Lankan Cricket in many ways.
our administration should know what to take from him for the coming generation. dont forget. HE IS A GENTLEMAN who played gentlemen's game in the full spirit in the real sense of the word.

also remeber, Angie, is a very good fruit in our team now and there should not be any threat to his future, he can develop into a Botham, Khallis or any one you name from the legends.

Rajith said...

Sanath had done a lot for srilankan cricket.india is the team who really had rough times against him.he beat hard to all indian bowlers.but we need to know that now he is over and he is a legand.

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