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Saving Sanath Jayasuriya | Back pain completely cured !!!

Saving Sanath Jayasuriya

Dr. White on the rare essentials for his concoctions

By Ranee Mohamed

Sri Lankan Cricketer Sanath Teran Jayasuriya is the picture of good health as he stood before us. There was no sign of any ache or pain.

But this was not how he was about eight months ago, says the public figure and celebrity sportsman who did Sri Lanka proud. Having suffered his nagging pain in private, Sanath Jayasuriya says that his back problem brought him more than pain — it brought him misery and a feeling of helplessness.

"I suffered from a pain in the back for along time — maybe about eight months. I took various medicinal drugs and treatment but the pain would not go away. I am a believer in ayurveda and tried various ayurvedic cures with the firm belief that the pain would go away," said cricketing sensation Jayasuriya.

Scans to physiotherapy

His life had been a game of musical chairs — from scans to physiotherapy, but the pain went on. "There was a time when I was suffering from a stiffness and could not run. Sometimes when I did run I felt the pain shoot down my back," said Jayasuriya explaining that all sportspeople do experience muscle waste and wear and tear.

But what happened to Sanath Jayasuriya was more than a muscle tear. He cruised from applauses in public to the agonising whirlwinds of backpain in private and none of the medication had promised him a permanent cure.

Laid down thus, Sanath Jayasuriya was in search of two things — a relief from pain and a permanent cure. And it came out of the winds — and to this gifted cricketer it was truly like a gift from the universe.

Finding a cure

"President Mahinda Rajapakse personally inquired after my well-being and was disturbed to learn that I was suffering this way. Despite his multitude of duties, he did find the time for finding a cure for my condition," recalled Sanatha Jayasuriya.

"President Mahinda Rajapakse was very concerned about me. So was his son Namal Rajapakse who personally inquired into my well being at all times," said a grateful Sanath Jayasuriya. For this is the way his cure came — through President Mahinda Rajapaske who instructed his personal physician — Dr. Eliyantha White, the man who treats humans with a power from the universe to put Sanath back on the green.

The treatment had lasted three days and Sanath Jayasuriya felt the pain disappear. Now there is not even a pin-prick, no sign at all of how much he had suffered.

There are doctors and hospitals — accepted treatments that are reliable and we quite rightly rely on.

Mysteries of the universe

And there are the mysteries of the universe in the form of the unexplained healing powers of Dr. Eliyantha White. How he treats his patients and the herbs he uses, we will never be able to understand. But the people who have had their lifetime ailments cured with three doses of a herbal concoctions says ‘the pain has gone away, and we do not know how…."

And there is not even an inkling — no sign, no relapse or reminder of how much they suffered. Such is the power of the universe and such is the power of Dr. Eliyantha White whose power to cure will always remain a consoling reminder that the universe is aware of our pain — and encompasses a compassion within — to take our pain and suffering away.

"Herbs and essentials are hard to find…." - Dr. Eliyantha White

Sanath Jayasuriya had a small crack in his back region. I was able to repair it. Today even a scan will not be able to show that there was any disintegration," said Dr. Eliyantha White. "This has happened before. The patients I have treated for various breakages shown in scans have later found that the pain has disappeared and the conditions are not captured in scans thereafter," said Dr. White.

"I want to treat everyone who approaches me, but the herbs and essentials are hard to find. I am made aware of these ingredients by a power from the universe and some of the names by which they are identified are ancient names. Some of these herbs are from places in India, Nepal and Bhutan," said Dr. Eliyantha White.

Speaking to The Sunday Leader Dr. White went on to say that President Mahinda Rajapakse has, in the midst of all his stately duties looked into the possibility of establishing a link to get these herbs so that we can treat as many people as possible. "Sometimes the President is talking about the ailments of various people and their herb and medicinal requirements from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. But it is not easy to get these herbs," explained Dr. Eliyantha White. "I am not from any political party, but I have never met anyone as kind-hearted as President Mahinda Rajapakse who is concerned about the suffering of other human beings," said Dr. Eliyantha White.

"Sometimes the said herb is identified by an ancient name. It is like telling an international school child to sit in an asanaya. If the term sofa or chair is used then he would have understood better. Identifying herbs by their current names is also under study," said Dr. White.

There are also rumours being spread that my medicine is harmful and that it is mixed with unknown medicines. I have treated several athletes and medical regulations lay down that they do not consume certain chemicals, steroids. My medicines have been tested for all these and have been found to be free of such ingredients. Infact, far from causing harm, it has been found that my herbal concoctions have no side effects," explained Dr. Eliyantha White. "I am able to treat conditions such as cancers, thalaesemia, spine problems, migraine, gastritis etc. Now I have found a cure for AIDS too," said Dr. White.

‘I can say with confidence that it is a power — it is a power from the universe that has been given to me. How else can I treat this way, how else can I make the pain go away?" queried Dr. Eliyantha White.

My advise to the people is to live a honest life, free of sin. Causing hurt and pain to others has its repercussions. The ill we do in one life — we pay for in another. Many of our sufferings — as cancers and other conditions are due to grave misdeeds in the past. Another very important facet is that the killing and eating of animals must stop. There is no greater ill than that," stressed Dr. Eliyantha White.


Erase Your Back Pain said...

Great post! Interesting approach to curing back pain
and one that I hadn't heard of before. Perhaps the herbs have anti-inflammatory properties? Keep posting :)

Chinthaka said...

hey howcome nobody knew of any back pain sanath had?
There was an article about Lasith Malinga just a few months back. Worded just the same as this. How the president was involved and things. Sounds dodgy. May i know the source of this article?

Sujan Rao (sanath189) said...

Thats the source of the article... Good to see the Pres concerned abt the Greatest Cricketer Srilanka has ever produced... Cheers !!!

Anonymous said...

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bhattathiri said...

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pain management emr said...

Good to hear that! Glad that his back pain has completely cured. Is there any update with him now.


jeremy said...

Surprising indeed. I take that as an inspiration.

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